The Link to Gap Card Member Account Services

Gap is known for their excellent service and this is why they came up with, a link to the Gap card member account services. Aside from offering high quality products, Gap is also dedicated to providing excellent services to their growing number of consumers worldwide. The Gap card eServices which is accessible via is for the sole use of their trusted customers and this card is only given to those who have a good credit standing.

All about Gap Inc

Gap Inc, which is more popularly known as Gap, is a US based multinational clothing retailer that was founded by Donald and Doris Fisher in the year 1969. Currently, the company is based in San Francisco, CA and operates five divisions under different brand names – Old Navy, The Banana Republic, Athleta, Piperlime and Gap.

Currently, Gap Inc is hailed as one of the largest apparel retailers all over the world. As of the year 2008, Gap Inc is said to employ more than 135,000 individuals to work for their company and they have more than 3,000 stores spread all over the world. The success of Gap can be attributed to their dedication of offering excellent quality of service, and this is why they have established

Step by Step Process of Using the Card Member Account Services of Gap

If you are a holder of the Gap card eServices, then you should be familiar with the process of using the website. If not, then refer to the steps below for your guide:

• Visit the website at
• Refer to the member login section and enter your User ID.
• Click “log in” to continue.
• You will then be asked to key-in your password.
• Those who forget their user ID can click on the link that says “lookup User ID”.
• New users must register at before they can log in. To register, simply refer to the link that says “Register”, which is found below the login section.

As soon as you are able to log in at, you will be able to enjoy different kinds of services. You can pay your bills online, track your rewards with Gap, view your account balances, and view your account history. But is only for the exclusive use of Gap card holders. Those who want to avail of the card should contact the nearest Gap outlet in their area and find out how they can avail of the card.